TOGether we can achieve results!

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As Entrepreneurs and SMEs the top priority is to be successful and grow our businesses. But this can often be harder than we think as we get bogged down with the day to day operation.

Have you noticed how much time you spend on administrative tasks? Take a look at your working day and see. Why don’t you use your stopwatch on your phone to see exactly how long you spend on admin by simply starting and stopping your stopwatch as you begin and end admin tasks. The results will surprise you.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be if you could spend those minutes/hours taking active steps to grow your business. Each time you choose to complete an admin task yourself, you are choosing to stunt your business growth.

If you choose to outsource your admin it leaves you free to focus on what you do best, increase the amount of time you have to market your business and achieve greater revenue.

When was the last time you took a step back and had a good look at what was happening in your business and how you could improve/change things to drive your business forward?  Hey, I can hear you thinking “when do I have the time to do that” right??

Do you look at your To Do list and prioritise what you need to do first?

Are there important administration tasks on there that need to be completed but it’s not the best use of your time? Are you swamped by your administration? Do you feel overwhelmed when you look at your to do list? Don’t you wish you could just get on with what you love to do?

You could of course hire an administrator to complete these tasks for you, but think of the amount of time that will take you.

Firstly you need to advertise the role.  Then you need to filter through the CV’s, interview and select the right candidate. This takes up valuable time (that you know you don’t have). Then you have all of the Employee costs to consider. PAYE, NI Contributions, holiday and sickness pay, pension contributions, office equipment, space and overheads, staff training, performance appraisals….the list goes on!

When you hire a VA they get on with the task in hand straight away. They have the skills you need and the ability to get the job done!

Free up your Time, Outsource your administration, get the business Growth you desire

TOGether we can achieve results!

It’s a simple equation but it requires relinquishing control of the little things! 





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