An Olympic skier and a sole trader. It’s all about support.

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The Winter Olympics are here, and I love em! A skier is focused on one thing, getting down that mountain as quickly as possible. To help them achieve this are countless support staff, technicians, doctors, coaches, performance data analysts, nutritionists, the list goes on. Without the behind the scenes support it would not be possible to achieve their goal.

As a business owner, you are passionate about what you do best. The reason you set up your business. The product or service you have to offer is what drives you.

It can quickly become a minefield for the one-man operation. There are the accounts, marketing, PR, social media, email management, invoicing etc. It becomes apparent from working late nights and early mornings doing these tasks, that you do not like, are beginning to take its toll. You can lose focus with the direction of the business. Burnout is just around the corner.

Much like the skier, you need help.

Thoughts turn to having to employ people to carry out the behind the scenes operations. The hassle involved with employing someone, the countless sifting of CV’s and interviews. Once employed you have to offer a pension, sick and holiday pay. Once an employee has their feet under the table, maybe they slack off, take the odd sickie, it can then become an HR nightmare.

There is a solution to your administration woes and that is to outsource those dreaded tasks to a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can work as little or as many hours as required. You can book blocks of hours with a virtual assistant too. This guarantees support is on hand for your business requirements each month.

A major factor to consider for a business that needs additional admin support, is the cost of employing someone. We do not come with any office overheads. Being virtual means we do not take up any office space, we do not add to the energy costs of a business and we have our own equipment with laptops, printers etc.

Then there are the employee benefits to consider. You do not have to set up a pension, pay sick pay, holiday pay or offer any benefits to a virtual assistant that a company may offer their employees. Most importantly there is no need to worry about tax and national insurance as this is all the responsibility of the V.A.

To find out how a virtual assistant can help you, call us on 07771 522993 or 07974 722516, email or visit our website at

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