Facebook business pages – The end?

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For those with Facebook business pages it is now going to get even harder to get your message out there. That is the initial reaction to the changes Facebook have today announced in their algorithm. Again. But is it all doom and gloom?

Mr Zuckerberg wants your feed filled with news from your family and friends, over posts from businesses, brands and media. With the changes, business posts will be demoted to “second tier” rankings.

I can see why this has happened. Facebook was started as an online place for us to re-connect with old friends, chat, share pictures of what we had for tea and connect with new friends. Facebook wants to return to its roots. This is down to the fact that the platform has hit a bit of an identity crisis. Is it a outlet for friends or business?

No one likes the hard sell. This is where another change is happening. Facebook is also putting a stop to the so called “engagement bait” posts which basically gets around the current algorithm. What are engagement bait posts I hear you ask? Well, you may have noticed your feeds have become saturated with a lot of noise from businesses asking you to like and share their posts to win something amazing. This is engagement bait.

As a business, all is not lost though. The message is pretty clear, posting original, thought provoking and impactful content will give your business a chance to be seen and heard in Facebookland. The more engagement with a post, whether it is likes, comments or shares will please the Facebook algorithm. It will see your content as current and relevant and push it out to a wider audience. With organic reach dropping dramatically over recent years, a business with a budget to market in the world of Facebook Ads currently does well. And will remain to do so.

You could also look at this move by Facebook as another way of increasing their profits, ensuring businesses use their chargeable services of Facebook ads and the boosting posts option. Watch the price of ads increase……..

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